Saturday, May 14, 2016

Legoland, Billund, Denmark

From Germany we drove north to Denmark.  Destination number one, Billund.  The original home of Lego, and the location of the first Legoland.  We were surprised to learn that all the lego that is sold in the U.S. and Europe are also manufactured here in the little town of Billund.  The boys were beyond excited for this adventure.  We discovered that looking forward to things like Legoland and Disney kept kids going through churches and castles and missing their "America home."  It was freezing, and we think that help keep crowds very low, which was great because we didn't have to wait in any lines.  

Ninjago land is the newest edition to the park.  We must have gone through the Ninjago rides twenty times.  The boys will tell you "that it was the most amazing place ever!"  Us adults felt that the most astounding part was the fact that so many things were made of Lego.  It was incredible to see what they had built.

There were several American monuments including Mount Rushmore out of Lego.

The aquarium in Lego Land was amazing.  They had a way to poke your head up 
into the exhibit in a Plexiglas tube.  Above Max examines a giant king crab.

The animals they made out of Lego were astounding
They also recreated cities out of Lego.  This is the recreation 
of Nyhavn in Copenhagen.  It was fun to spot several of the 
places we had visited among the exhibits.  
Like the Cochem castle behind Max.
There was even a small exhibit of Lego Friends 
(the girl version of Lego) for Tessa to enjoy.
At the end of the day at the local restaurant, Jonah expression summed up it all.  The kids were exhausted and Jonah couldn't even keep his head up or his eyes open while he waited for his dinner.  It was an exhausting, but a super fun day.

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  1. I think Aaron is getting a little too comfortable with that lego hussy!!!