Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Alhambra, Granada, Spain

One of the major attractions is the Alhambra located on a hill just above old town Granada.  It was a stronghold and the palaces of the Moors who came up from Northern Africa and ruled Southern Spain for hundreds of years.  
Outside our apartment building ready for a walk.

By the time we hiked up the hill to the grounds everybody was ready for lunch and a little downtime. They all enjoyed a children's adapted version of Washington Irving's book, Tales of Alhambra.  Which he compiled from tales he heard while living at Alhambra in 1829.

The outside of the palace did not prepare us for the beauty and intricacy we 
found inside.  These designs were carved free hand from freshly laid plaster.  

A view from the top fortress.

The gardens around the Generalife.   
(pronounced: hen-a-ra-leaf-A)

On our walk home we went through a public art display where
several photographs from around the world were exhibited.  Fascinating.
And none of this could have been possible without our energy sponsor, 
Skittles.  We decided that the S is for stamina.

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  1. We used to throw coins while we walked and that kept the boys interested in running ahead and finding the coins. Good trick to know when kids are tired of walking around old cities:)