Thursday, May 26, 2016

Athens, Greece

Maggie and Max will both tell you that Greece was one of their favorite places that we have visited.  Why?  First response, the food.  They loved getting gyros and slouvaki on the street for cheap.  Then of course, there was seeing some of the sights that they had read so much.  I have much to say about it all, but I'm tired of being behind, so I'm going to post and then come back later to add descriptions so that I can do Asia in more real time.  
First stop, the Parthenon.  Maggie was in heaven.  She is very well read on Greek mythology and it was very nice to have her as a tour guide.  On the way to the Acropolis we saw the theatre that Yanni did his famous "Live at the Acropolis" concert at.  

These kids had the most fun smashing rocks until
the rock police made us stop.

At lunch this girl, who should have been in school, came to our table begging for money for a little simple tune on her squeeze box.  The waiter tried to shoo her away, but we saw her come by several times.  We are always very curious how things work with the people in the countries that we visit.  Why are their kids working at the streets?  What is the school system like?  What is the income and expenses of the average person like?  
Hadrian's library
We visited a great little free place called the Museum of Musical Instruments.  It was a lot of fun, and as a bonus they had a tortoise in the yard we got to feed.  Perfect break from old sites for the kids.

Next day we went to the Acropolis museum.  The highlight
was definitely the museums library.  The kids devoured the 
English books for hours.  

We took a break to grab some lunch and walk to a couple of sights, Temple of Zeus (left) and Hadrian's gate (right) and then the kids wanted to go back to the library.

Hephaestus temple

April 11-14, 2016

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