Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Disney Paris

For a little vacation from our vacation we visited Disney Paris.  It seemed perfectly timed as none of the kids wanted to leave the house in the Dordogne.  Disney Paris is a little different than the Disney's in America.  It is smaller and has a keener focus on the European based Disney shows.  Ratatouille, of course, Brave, Alice in Wonderland, and Mary Poppins, they also allow smoking everywhere, which is totally European.  The crowds were not terrible and we loved every "magical" moment.

Maggie and Max were both taller than 120cm,
good to go on Space Mountain Jules Verne style.

We all braved the Tower of Terror, but Jonah said it didn't like it one bit.  He did love Aladdin's flying carpets, despite the face (above and right) but the favorite was Buzz Lightyear's blasters.  Buzz speaks French and English, but Emperor Zurg only speaks French.  Maggie's favorite ride was Autopia, that girl would love to drive off right now, thank you state laws for prohibiting driving until the age of 16.

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