Thursday, May 26, 2016

Greece, Hydra and Napflio

Welcome to Hydra (He-draw)!  Little island about a 2 hour boat ride from Athens where there are no cars and everything is done by walking or by donkey.  For us it was a beautiful Mediterranean experience.
Ice cream from the Cool Mule
Pedestrians and high tech donkey drivers take the same paths.

Hydra was a post to hold off pirates as well as the Ottomans.  The Hydra boat captain (below) developed the technique of setting a boat on fire and then sending it into the Ottoman naval fleet.  It was very effective and helped to free the Greeks from 400 years of Turkish rule.  They still commemorate his work by lighting a boat on fire during an annual celebration.  We enjoyed hiking around, playing in the refreshingly cool waters of the Mediterranean, and just winding down on this beautiful island.

An island with a small church in the background.

After 4 days of vacation within a vacation, we headed to Napflio where we played basketball with French kids and did more floating in the salty Sea.  We also visited a amphitheater built in 340 BC with incredible acoustics.  And celebrated yet another birthday in yet another country.  

Our balanced family.

Dropping stones in holes, and building towers are lots of fun.  Having stone towers fall on you, not so fun.

but still best friends
For Aaron's birthday Maggie cooked up chicken and potatoes.
Then we played the candy bar game with chocolate from our 
Belgium friends.  

Our last night in Greece we spent in a little hotel by the airport so we could catch an early flight the next day.  We all felt about like Max did given eggs swimming in olive oil (above), concerning the "good deal" Mom found on the internet.  Unimpressed.  They sold us leftover spaghetti for dinner and the guy who gave us  the shuttle ride to the airport was both drinking and smoking when he took us, but we made it out safe and sound and we're better for the experience.   

Morocco here we come!

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  1. Your kids are going to have so much perspective on local issues after seeing the world like this!