Sunday, February 7, 2016

Adios Dominical!

Tessa, "Today we went to a beach called Playa Ventanas.  It's called that because of the sea caves.  We found a fresh water pond with lots of sticks.  There was one huge stick to float on, but boys were invading the log.  We went in the sea caves then we went in the waves.  We went back to the pond and I made friends.  I got to play on the log."

We had a lot of fun trying to balance on this giant log.
If Max fell down he became a saboteur!  We also got to
explore the sea caves that the beach is named after.  Ventanas
means windows in Spanish and they were about 100 ft
windows through the cliff.
This little girl, Marisella, was so friendly.  She first grabbed
Maggie to play with and when Maggie was tired of trying to
guess what she was saying in Spanish she tried to get Eli to
play.  That was even shorter.  Finally her and Tessa got together
and had a great time swimming and playing even if they couldn't
understand each other's language.

The kids were grateful to have other kids to play with.
Between new friends and an epic log, we had a fabulous day!

One last stop at our favorite little waterfall/
swimming hole, Posa Azul in Dominicalito.

Jonah got to help Alex shovel rocks as we
packed up our belongings to leave.

Palm oil groves lined sections of our drive.  We would often
see people riding bikes down the road with what looked like
a 30ft plumbing pipe balanced on their shoulder.  It wasn't for
plumbing at all, but an extremely long pole with a knife at the
end for working in the palm groves.  
Along the journey we also stopped to walk out on
a bridge that overlooked the Tarcoles River.  The
path was only a couple feet wide and right along
the speeding highway.  I couldn't decide which was
more dangerous, the overlooked, or the Cost Ricans
racing past us in cars and buses.

Something you don't see at home, watch out, iguanas on the road!
San Jose, from the highway. 


  1. What an adventure you are having! What fun it has been to follow your travels. You are the best, what an opportunity for the kids, this they will never forget. What great memories. Miss you and love you,may God bless you.

    1. Cris! It's so good to hear from you! Thank you for checking out our blog and for commenting we LOVE knowing that those we love have not forgotten us. Much love to you and Lon.