Friday, January 29, 2016

Nauyaca Falls

I'm still trying to catch up from our month without internet, this was Thanksgiving Day 2015.  
About fifteen minutes from our house was a tour to some beautiful grandiose waterfalls.  We decided Thanksgiving would be a good day for a such a splurge.  You can walk into the falls, but we were certain that the little legs in our group wouldn't be able to handle the 10 km, so we signed up for horses.  Maggie was elated!  We were a little late getting out and then Jonah whacked his head at the meeting place, so it put us about 45 minutes behind all the other groups.  This turned out to be perfect!  It meant that by the time we showed up to the food spot or the waterfalls everyone else was just getting ready to leave and we had it all to ourselves.
Maggie happily introduced Jonah to Goliat, the goliath
horse he and I rode together.
Eli was very happy to have his own little horse to ride.
Max, "Today we went horseback riding.  This time NOT galloping, but just riding up to a waterfall.  It was a muddy place.  I was on a small but energetic brown and white pony.  It always wanted to be in the front.  He even galloped a couple of times.  I am thankful that I wasn't bucked off again.  I am also thankful for our Thanksgiving feast of steak, mashed potatoes, rolls, jello, and for dessert a box of chocolate turtle brownie mix.  Happy Thanksgiving!"

As we rode up the muddy trail I saw giant carrots discarded practically
untouched in the mud.  I questioned the guide about this curious observation.
He said that a lot of people will bring carrots or apples as a gift for the horses,
but these horses are from the tropics and they don't think carrots or apples are a
treat at all.  They like papaya, bananas, and mangos.  Silly tourists!  We were
 more than happy to share our papaya with the horses.  And they loved it!  
The upper falls.   They are taller than the lower falls, but
they just have rocks at the bottom, no pool for swimming.
To give you an idea of the size, this is Aaron getting
ready to jump in for a swim at the lower falls.

All that falling water made for a cold and turbulent swimming hole.
Surprisingly,the kids were happier warming themselves like lizards on the
sunny rocks.  One of the other guides found this frog perfectly camouflaged
into the rocks and grabbed it for my kids to see.  

Lower falls all to ourselves, plus you can see the upper falls in the top right.

Tessa, "Today we went to some waterfalls.  I rode a horse that was chestnut color with a white patch on it's nose.  It was very slow it only kind of galloped a few times.  We rode to breakfast then a waterfall then to lunch then back.  I really liked playing on the rocks.  I'm thankful for a wonderful family.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!"

At the house where we stopped for breakfast and lunch these capuchin
monkeys were playing in the trees, and let's be honest, mostly looking for
a handout.  Regardless, it is always fun to see monkeys.  I took these
 pictures with my phone that is how close they were!

Maggie, "Today we went horseback riding and I got a beautiful white and gray horse.  It was one who always wanted to be in the front!  We went the half hour to the snack stop and I fed my horse my papaya.  The thing (the fruit) kept rocketing out of my hand when Dato (the horse) tried to eat it!  On the way back we had an AMAZING lunch of marinated chicken and potatoes with pineapple juice, I think.  We rode back and then went home to start Thanksgiving dinner.  I am thankful for the stars and the sun, the moon and the clouds, and my family."

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  1. What a great thanksgiving! And so beautiful! Surely a day to remember always.