Monday, February 22, 2016

Caribbean Blitz part 1

Our adventure is a lot like being on summer break for a long long time.  It is all the things I love about summer break, time together, adventures, few obligations, and lots of fun.  And it is also includes the challenges of summer break like being together every minute of every day and night, keeping the kids occupied and and not fighting with each other, and finding the time, (and the internet connection) to get the extra things done that you normally do when the kids are occupied with other activities or when you are not dead tired at the end of the day and the kids are in bed.  We do school activities everyday, but that also takes my complete attention.  Consequently, my blogging has suffered.  I really want to get caught up so I'm going to blitz the end of Costa Rica, check it off to good times and move along.  
Punta Uva, beautiful beach that we visited many, many, many times.  It was
perfect!  300 yards of  pristine sand hugged by fabulous surf on one side and
a deep fresh water river on the other.
It was there we introduced Eli to snorkeling.  He
spent an entire afternoon with his face in the
water mostly looking at sand as the visibility was
poor and fish practically non existent in the river.  
He LOVED it!
One day, same beach, we built the seven
 wonders of the world.
Our complex included Chichen Itza, Christ the Reedemer, the
Colosseum, the Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Machu Pichu,
and the temple at Petra Jordan.
I will always remember that Eli learned to read in a hammock.
Max made this box armor for Jonah's birthday.
Happy Costa Rican birthday Jonah!

Everyday we would do school in the morning and then head out
to a beach in the afternoon.  We came up with all sorts of ways
to play on the beach, from sword fights to art.
The far end of Punta Uva where the kids built a community.

Tessa, "Today we went to the Punta Uva.  We made sand 3D objects.  We found an island and played there.  Max swam to the other side and called it Quba (Cuba) the land of the nuts.  We found coconuts and planted plants in them.  BEST BEACH EVER!"

Look closely and you can see Eli's foot sticking out the top of
the wave about half and inch to the right of the board.
Learning to ride a board at Playa Negra. 

We spent a wonderful day at Manzanillo with our dear friends
Joanna and her daughters Susie, and Daniella.

It is just always AWESOME to be black!
We found a bunch of boys who had found a fresh hammerhead
head.  Wild.
A few of the heartwarming people from the Limon ward
generously had our family over dinner.  They made graniasados,
cooked meat on a homemade bbq, salad, and pineapple juice.
The deliciousness of the meal was only enhanced by the sweet
On our last Sunday in Limon we had the opportunity to sing with our friends Joanna, Susie and Daniella.  I played the piano while the others sang "My Heavenly Father Loves Me."  We sang the first verse in English and the second verse in Spanish.  It was very difficult for the kids to learn the words.  Words in a foreign language sound like gibberish unless you know what they mean, and so to remember a song in "gibberish" is not easy.  I was pleased that the kids, happy or not, were willing to put the effort into learning it.  (and it is evident I am not above rewarding/bribing) 

Max, "When we sang the first verse everyone just kind of stared politely.  But when we sang the second verse, (which was in Spanish) they smiled and were more affectionate."

Tessa, "We had a good time with our friends while we were singing.  We also got a treat of ice cream after.  I felt good when I was singing the song.  I felt the Spirit."

Maggie, " Today we went to church and sang.  It was really fun and everyone paid attention to the last verse.  People were wishing us good bye over the pulpit.  I am going to miss Joanna, Susan, and Daniella so much!  I love Costa Rica and the people are so nice.  It is really wonderful and colorful with so many different plants and animals, but really hot.  Costa Rica is really a rich coast. 

Open market in Limon.  The smell of fresh produce is divine!

At the market we found these mini bananas.
All the sweetness condensed into a smaller
package makes for big flavor.

Mama Lucha, the poster woman for the Pali, the local grocery.
I loved that she is a middle aged, slightly over weight, and
ready to fight for los precious bajos! Low prices!


  1. Wow, that sand is sure black! What fun in the sun. It must have been a cruel shock to go to Italy and have to wear jackets and scarves!