Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sete, France

From Lyon we headed down towards the southwest corner of France's Mediterranean coast.  We stayed in a little town called Sete.  The town is a popular vacation spot in the summer, and is quite expensive, but we were there in February and it was quite and cheap.  It was the smallest apartment that we stayed in on our trip yet.  Consisting of two very small bedrooms and a very small living area.  The kitchen was a one person kitchen at most.  Luckily we were able to spend most of our time outside while the sun was shining.  The beach was beautiful and we enjoyed running around on the beach and playing for hours.  It was good to feel sand between the toes.

We introduced the children to the game "Smear the Queer".  It was tons of fun until people got hurt, but it got some energy released.

Running this way

Running that way

Jonah is having a blast with the kite that Kari brought from the USA.  By the time we are done, this kite will have flown in countries all over the world.

Being a seaside village, there was a fun museum to look at.  It had displays of popular clothing wore by seafarers of the past.

Our most amazing discovery was the sport of water jousting.  Sete holds a celebration and festival every year where they have large boats that have one jouster on the back and the boats charge toward each other as the jousters try to keep from being pushed in the canal.  There was lots of video footage of the event and it looked like a lot of fun.  Possibly something we can do when we get back to our house in Washington.

We decided to splurge for crepes and waffles while in France since they are available on every corner.  By the time we were done we decided that Kari makes a better waffle and crepe and it is a fraction of the cost.  At least now we know.

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