Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lyon, France

We arrived in Lyon on a Saturday night, and so we had several hours before church started on Sunday to explore.  Luckily Lyon has an absolutely huge park in the middle of town with a small zoo inside.  The free zoo had deer, alligators, giraffes, monkeys, birds, and other fun animals.  It was really quite impressive for a free park in the middle of town.  The park was full of runners, walkers, tourists, and families.  

We managed to find Uncle Jack's ward in Ecully that he served in for the majority of is 2 years as a Mormon missionary.  We learned that he was like a celebrity.  Once people knew we were related to Jack, we were conversed with by all sorts of wonderful, and kind saints of the church.  I don't know if we have ever received such a warm and friendly welcome anywhere we have gone.  They even welcomed us by name over the pulpit in sacrament meeting.
Why go to France if you are not willing to try French cuisine.  Lyon had all sorts of beautiful and expensive restaurants to sample.  We were tired, and hungry, and the only family with children in the restaurant.
This was true French cuisine.  No children's menu, no chicken nuggets, no soda pop.  Just gourmet food.
Eli and his fish souffle

Tessa and her Chicken in Cream Sauce
Max and his Frog Legs in Garlic and Butter                Maggie and her Sausage with Potatoes and                                                                                               Cheese

Aaron and his Blood Sausage in Apple and Potatoes.  Jonah and his meat concoction covered in                                                                                                mash potatoes (it was what they recommended for children, but he didn't like it.)
The sign looks like "No Families" allowed in this restaurant.  We weren't quite sure how to take it, but we have noticed that Europe is not always terribly friendly toward children.  Later we learned that the sign meant that this street was no longer just a pedestrian street.  We thought it was a strange way to portray it, but everyone else obviously knew what it meant.
Lyon, true to great European cities, had a large open square in the middle of town including monuments, statues, playgrounds, vendors, and a large Ferris Wheel.  It goes without saying that the town squares are always a fun place to visit.

Here was a piece of their artwork on the bridge in Lyon.  It was just so beautiful, we had to get a picture of it.
A highly rated French Boulongerie.
And the supremely satisfying French pastries we were able to get there.  

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