Sunday, March 20, 2016


Max, "Today we went to a little town called Siena.  It was a big city a long time ago, but it was hit by the plague in the 1300s and the whole city was frozen in time.  It still had modern technology, but all structures was like 1,000 years ago.  We had a mission to go to this church and see the chapel and the library.  We walked past at least 20 clothing stores, some gelato shops, a street performer, and the town square and after 10 minutes found a church with way to much decoration on the front and black and white stripes.  We went into the church and saw 20 foot portraits of bible stories and characters of the scriptures in colored marble on the floor.  The great arched ceiling had the heads of 170 popes, but it was really just 4 heads copied 170 times.  In the library there was sheets of music made of animal skin and older than dirt.  Paintings of hunting, church, and court lined the walls.  The whole thing was old.  After we saw everything we found some pizza and gelato.  I got chocolate chunk and nutella and we discussed how we could make it at home.  It was a good day."

The fruit and vegetables in Italy are incredible!  The feel
and taste like they were just picked from the garden.

Maggie, "Today we went to this really cool old town named Siena.  Dad called it "Saldi" because of all the "sale" signs in the windows.  We went to this old cathedral and saw some really amazing painting and some really old book that were like 2 ft tall and made of animal skins!  Then we got dinner and GELATOS!!! It was awesome.  We hear an accordion player and she was really good."
They used different colored stone to give this
church permanent stripes.  A little funky.

I love to see their genuine interest in the art.

 One of the grandest piazzas in all of Italy, Il Campo.  They actually hold horse races on July 2 and August 16 every year where 10 contestants from the 17 neighborhoods of Siena wear their colors proudly and race like crazy around the piazza, on bareback horses that have just been blessed inside the church.
On our stroll out of town we saw this statue tucked in a narrow little alley.  Fittingly depicting the mother of young children.  Wether she had that many little ones or if one or two can just make you feel like all you can do is surrender to the demands placed upon you, is up to interpretation.  But my kids thought we needed a picture.  Lucky for me all I have to say is "gelato anyone?" and praises of "best Mom ever" echo through the narrow streets.

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  1. But really, you ARE the best mom ever!!! What a beautiful cathedral, I must put this place on my wish list next time I'm in Europe:)