Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Costa Rica is full of what they call "canopy tours," or zip-lines.  I found one in our area that said they would take kids as young as four.  I was kicking myself because Jonah, although he was still about a month away from turning four, could totally pass for a four year old, but I had already told the canopy company the kids ages.  Terrible of me to even consider fudging the numbers, I simply wrote them back and assured them that he acts and looks like a four year old.  A reminder that honesty is truly the best policy, they replied "I keep an open mind, let's try it." and we were in!  Where we go one we go all!   

All suited up and ready for the fun!
These two were completely stoked!  Not fearful at all.  

This kid is Mr. Super Fun!  He is always living life with the
greatest enthusiasm!  Laughter comes so easily for him, it
is wonderfully contagious.  

Jonah and Eli got to go down with a friend.
The rest of us zoomed solo.  

They also had a couple of rope bridges.  Aaron and I both
agreed that although we were higher and faster riding the cables,
this was the scariest!
We also got to repel off a couple of towers.  The oldest three even dropped upside
down.  Then they sat on this log waiting for the rest of the group.
Which made a perfect target for Aaron who was
coming down with the water bottles.
At the end we were rewarded with fresh pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, and
watermelon, and a jump into space on the tarzan swing.  
We rode to and from in the back of this truck, with a lovely family from Calgary.
 It took us up a really steep mountain, and I feared that we may tumble out the back.
This is true Costa Rican style, let little kids ride zip lines, stick a bunch of tourist
in the back of a truck with no seat belts or safety instructions, and let the good
times roll.  Pura Vida!  We loved it!
Maggie “Today we woke up early but I felt ecstatic because today we were going on the zip line! …After the zip-line I felt like I had run a 50km with an elephant tied to my waist, but it was super fun!”

Tessa: "Today we went and met guys who's names were Orlando, William, and Jacob.  They were very nice.  We went on 9 zip-lines and 11 platforms and 2 repelling ropes.  I repelled upside down on the ropes.  We also went on two rope bridges that are really skinny and wobbly.  At the end we found a hut and got food and we did the tarzan swing.  I loved it!!!"


  1. Maggie's description is spectacular. I feel 50km-with-an-elephant-tired like that too, sometimes. :)

  2. This looks fantastic! So glad your little Jonah got to participate:) That tarzan swing looks amazing!!!

  3. Hi Christensen family. My Mom just shared your blog with me. Looks like you are having a blast. She also mentioned you might come to Europe for a while. We would love to have you come visit us in England :) we are also happy to share any info about countries we have visited or tips we have learned along the way. Hope all is well

    Spencer Holt and Family

    1. Thank you for the invite! You are very kind. I heard you were having great times in England. Where exactly are you in England?
      We are flying into Rome at the end of January and leaving for Thailand in June. We plan on spending some time to visit several countries around Europe and see the sights. I know we are staying outside of Rome for the first couple of weeks. We also want to see Florence, Venice, and Pompei. Any tips would be appreciated


    2. Kari, If you are in Florence, you will not be far from Pisa. This was one of the most amazing things we saw in Italy (aside from the sights in Rome and "David"). I think they've helped the leaning of the tower a bit since we were there, but having only seen it in history books... to walk through the stone archway and see it was just breathtaking. Florence for sure, but Pisa isn't far from there. Hope you are all having a great time!

    3. Thanks Debbie! It's hard to believe that we will be in Italy in less than two weeks! We will definitely make sure we make it to all of those. I remember you telling me about your trip to the tower. It sounds magical!

  4. I'm obviously behind on the blog, but wow, that looks like fun!