Friday, October 23, 2015

Washington DC -

DC never disappoints!   We absolutely lucked out with gorgeous weather, and lots of opportunities to work out our walking feet through gorgeous fall colors.
Our first stop in DC was to tour the White House.  Inside the White House dining room.

The boys looking out of the White House windows, look through the trees and you can see the Washington monument. 

Dueling with a swordfish at the Natural History Museum.

I couldn't believe how enthralled the kids were with the minerals and gems.  

Day 2 started out with a trip up the Washington Monument.  

Looking out from the top of the monument towards the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington is also just across the river to the left.    

We then visited the Museum of American History, where the kids were enthralled by "the Star Spangled Banner"   They have the actual flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write The Star Spangled Banner.  It is huge and awe inspiring and the kids could feel it.  The frames pictured here are photographs of other times when it has been on display.  

As you can imagine the Smithsonian is full of all things truly American, like Kermit the Frog, 

 Abe Lincoln's top hat, 

and plenty of goofy photo opportunities. 

Our first morning when we stepped out of the parking garage we walked across the street  and ran into a group from Green Peace starting a canvas mural.  We walked by them a few other times and by the very end of our 2nd day the kids wanted to go back and see the completed chalk art bad enough that they were willing to walk yet another block to do it.  We got there just in time for them to have the kids help cut away and pull off the extra canvas.  They were pretty excited.


  1. I love Jonah's face on that old bike:) I have been to DC many times (and even lived there for 2 summers during college) but I never did the tour of the White House. I bet that was pretty cool. It looks like you are having wonderful weather.

    Love the update!!!

  2. Thanks Rachalle! The White House is super cool to see. When you go again request tickets from your congressman well in advance, it is just so fun to be somewhere with so much history. The weather was truly unbelievable! Warm and sunny, just the way I like it. :)

  3. Hi Maggie! It's Tessa, happy late birthday from me and Jackie! Hope that you had the best time in DC, tell your family we say hi! :)

  4. Hello friends. we miss you all and I have tried before to post my comments to you to let you know that we are following you. I hope that I punch the right key this time to allow you to see that we are keeping up with you all. Our lawn is fantastic and we love to mow it down just like a regular lawn. It's beautiful and a lushish green!! We are still healthy and stumbling around as usual. I miss my hugs you all give me. John is stingy with his hugs, I have to insist that he hugs me. He'll give me a tiny hug, not like you kids give me. Be safe!!!

  5. We moved back to Utah from DC in August. I wish we could have still been there while you were visiting and stayed with us! Alas. :)